Subutai Hub

The Hub is an open exchange that let's you share,
barter, buy and sell peer resources, applications and services.

Free Services
The Hub provides free services to peer users and peer owners to share, barter and rent resources. It's search engine tracks available resources in peers along with the quality of service they provide. Other services for peer and cloud environment owners include:
  • Dynamic DNS for peers
  • Peer monitoring and administration
  • Load balanced cloud environments across peers
  • DNS for cloud environments
  • Peer search and dynamic matching
  • Peer proxy services
Really anything can be shared, bartered, sold or purchased in a bazaar and so our intentional choice for the name implies there's no limit to your interactions there.
War Room
We want our users to conquer the world with us and Subutai.
The War Room is a place we can meet to fill in the peer gaps on the global map.
We monitor the p2p economy and work together to ensure it's growth.
Users can interact with each other through chat and report features that they want to see.
Our teams always monitor this to be able to support our users.
Managing environments distributed globally can become a real chore.
We want this to be as easy as possible with as
little repetition. The DevOps as a Service feature of the
Hub empowers Hub users to create and share recipies for managing infrastructure.

Use Cases

Register, Track and Manage
Your Peer on the Map
You can register your peer with the Hub to administer it from anywhere any time. The Hub automatically tracks your peer even if it's IP address is changed by your ISP.
Use Free DDNS
and Proxy Services
Does your ISP block incoming connections? The Hub provides additional dynamic DNS and proxy services so you can reach it and the cloud applications you run on it.
Dynamic Scaling, Analytics,
and Optimal Operation
Scaling by sharing across peers on the Internet dynamically requires the analytics and the peer search engine on the Hub.
Make Money Selling
Peer Resources
You can offer up your peer resources to be used by others you approve of, or through a purchasing policy at prices you control.

Why Subutai Hub?

  • Easy Sharing
    and Setup
    Sharing resources with people you know, and setting up peers to use them can require some networking hassle. This completely goes away when you register and use your peer with the Hub.
  • Load Balancing Your
    Cloud Applications
    The Hub let's you create distributed cloud environments across peers, and provides load balanced DNS across them for applications you run in your own cloud.
  • Plugin to the
    Reputation Network
    The Hub tracks reputation based on peer performance, availability, and the quality of resources using metrics. It also includes reviews and feedback on etiquette of those you barter and trade compute resources with.

How to start?

Subutai and its Hub are ready for beta-testing

We are pleased to announce that the public beta program of Subutai Hub has started. Here's a great opportunity to help us make Subutai and its Hub better.
  • Install Subutai
  • Register your peer
  • Set pricing policy on your peers to sell resources
  • Create an environment with help of other people's peers